Artican Chapter 16

My fear for the Lord of the Dominion had faltered. If I saw him again I would rip his throat out. I screamed again. It rang out through the trees and echoed forward toward Farenan. I could feel my rage building inside me and then the all familiar warmth that the cuff induced. I stopped my ranting to feel the magic serge through my veins. I wasn't wearing my cuff. How was I touching the magic of my ancestors without aid? In my mind it didn't even matter how. I fought to hold on to that feeling, allowing the rage to build inside of me. The strength surged through me and exploded through my muscles. My head was clear for the first time in days. Farenan would not get away so easily.

            My horse was calm, standing still next to me, waiting. I knew what to do, the magic told me how. I laid my hand on the strong neck of my horse, a calming touch. The warmth boiled through my chest and down my arm. It flowed through my fingers, leaving my body and joining with the mare. She jolted with a whinny, prancing around the clearing, ready to run. She felt the magic like I did and knew what to do. “Fly like the wind, girl. We have to catch Farenan before he reaches his men.”

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