Vacation - Day 1

I have to say that the first day of my vacation didn't turn out quit the way I planed. In fact it down right sucked, but hey what you gonna do?
My husband Jason and I were going to go on a hike, along the way we stopped at the Bonneville Dam and saw the biggest fish I've ever seen. Sturgeon baby! I have to say this was probably the highlight of my day. 

Check out how big this thing is. Anywho, the plan was to go on a hike to punchbowl  falls just east of there, but it cost $5 just to park and there were so many people already that we turned around and went back to Portland.

Saw the bridge of the gods. Kinda disappointing, I was hopping for a little more pizzazz, but what do you expect in Cascade Locks? Not much there anyway. 
It was a good thing we didn't go on a hike after all because I came home running a fever and was really out of it for the rest of the after noon. My husband thought it would be a good idea to give my Tylenol cold and a 5 hour energy so I would be able to stay up and watch the super moon. Felt weird! But it worked. I was able to capture this awesome photo. I guess this really was the highlight of my day, not that stupid fish. 

Hopefully today will be better.

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