Shiver - Book review

I was looking for a book one day when I had read everything I owned that I thought was worth reading. I wanted something that was easy and kinda like Twilight since I almost enjoyed those books. I went to trusty and searched for Twilight and it said, "Other people who bought Twilight also bought these."

The cover for Shiver intrigued me, especially the part about the "Wolves are calling." It was a nice creepy touch. Made me want to read the reviews at least.

I was told that if you liked Twilight you would like these books. They are about a forbidden romance and werewolves that have a dark secret. Alright, you got me. I purchased the book from because it was really cheep. Funny fact about the copy I received. It's from Briton and all the temperatures are in celsius and they say funny words like "car port," instead of "parking lot." Gave me a little insight into another world. Fascinating.

When my book finally arrived, I was so excited to read it, but that quickly changed when I realized that all the one page chapters switched back and forth between in a confusing narrative between the two main characters. If you didn't read the chapter heading, which I don't usually because they give too much away in my opinion, then you would get completely lost as to who's thoughts you were diving into. I wasn't too keen on that part.

I pressed on with the hope that I would be impressed. My hopes were dashed when chapter after chapter went by and nothing happened, not even a glimpse of a plot line emerges. It wasn't until about chapter 40 and three quarters of the way through the book were gone when something interesting finally happened, but then it was over by the end of the chapter.

The whole book was pretty much taken up by what teenagers think romance is. I guess the next step is to let my teenage sister read the book and give her opinion. She likes this kind of stuff.

You're probably asking yourself, "If you didn't like the book Sara, then why did you keep reading?"
I have several answers for you that I will share,

  1. I spent money on the book, I didn't want it to be a waste.
  2. I had nothing better to read at the time.
  3. If I hadn't read the whole thing, I would know how much I wouldn't have been missing.
  4. Who would have given you this book report?
  5. And last but not least, hope. A hope that there is a decent author out there with an interesting story to read.
I guess what I got out of all this is, if you like teens going to school and being all mushy and then going home and being all mushy and they falling asleep and being all mushy, then you would love the first fifty or so chapters. If you manage to hang in there till the end, the last few aren't so bad, but why did it take so long to get there? Have fun reading!

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