The Hunger Games Movie review

So, my friend Amy finally took me to see the Hunger Games movie last Wednesday. I was a little surprised that there wasn't really anyone in the theater, but it was Wednesday evening after all. I'm sure that had something to do with it, right? Maybe not. I was a little disappointed.
If you really loved the movie, as my little sister does and I've already pissed her off with my opinion, remember its just that, my opinion and I really love a good discussion about a book/movie. They make life interesting.
I think that if I hadn't read the book before I went and saw the movie, I would have enjoyed it a little more since I wouldn't have known what I was missing, but the movie left out a lot of things that I thought were important to the story development.
On the other hand, if I hadn't read the book then I don't think I would have understood Katniss very well since they didn't give you very much insight into what she was thinking.
My sister says that the movie was awesome and that I'm just stupid and old. Well, if 27 is old then yes I am (Old, not stupid) but I think that my age has helped me to be objective and not get caught up in the fact that there are cute boys in the movie to drool over and day dream about, that's not really my style since I'm MARRIED and all. There was a lot of hype that went along with this movie which makes it hard to make up your own mind.
My sister also said that I just can't understand anything about authors of her generation, again stabbing at me being old. I would like to point out that the author of the books, Suzanne Collins, also wrote "Clarissa Explains it all" a TV show of my time that I thoroughly enjoyed back in its hay day, I would have to say she's also an author of my time and can completely appreciate her writings. I just didn't this time around.
So to all the haters out there. I did enjoy myself enough to have a good time with my friends. I'm not knocking the choice of movie that you like (Lindsey) but let me not like the movie as much as you do in peace. That's all I ask.
If you're really into the books, The Hunger Games, then go and see the movie in theaters you won't be disappointed, but if the books didn't seem to hold your attention, then I would suggest waiting till it comes out on video and paying the $1.15 at the Redbox to rent it.

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