Horsetail Falls

This is going to be the last hike for a few weeks since my husband is scheduled to work the next few weekends. :( Sad face. She here goes nothing.
Our hike today is the Horsetail falls, Ponytail falls trail. I really enjoyed this hike because of the many water falls that were very close together and easy to hike to, even with that though, the trail was steep and very rocky. I thought a few times I was either going to fall or twist my ankle. So, if you have bad ankles (Like I apparently do) you will want to be very careful walking this trail.
Before We started our hike, we took our customary trip to vista point to go to the bathroom so I will never have to experience the four mile pee, ever again. Not a good experience. Below is a picture of my husband taking a picture of the Columbia Gorge from Vista point.
For the first time ever the balcony was open at Vista Point while I was there. It was pretty cool and you could see so much more from up there. Hey Jason, smile!
 Didn't get any good pictures of Horsetail Falls but Ponytail falls was way cooler. The trail takes you behind the falls where you can take a picture from behind. WAY COOL!

We had a lot of fun on this hike and all though I forgot to tape my toes and got a blister, it was totally worth it and would do it all over again in a flash.

Enjoy the rest of these photos and remember, life is what you make it. Stay thirsty my friends!

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