No menu: Week 45

There wont be a menu this week. I know this is kinda of late to post.

We lost my Grandpa last Saturday night. He went home to live with our heavenly father. I miss him very much, but I'm sure he is having the most amazing time with his family that has gone before him.

We've spent a lot of time this last week remembering my grandpa and sharing stories and pictures. I've loved hearing about my grandpa's smiling face and his giving heart. He was a great man, and I've only began to touch the surface of who he was.

I know that one of my fondest memories was how he used to call me Sarai (Sar-ee-eye). I loved it so much I adopted it as my pen name.

So, in closing I will say this. I miss my grandpa very much, but I will see him again in heaven one day.

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A most amazing rendering of my grandpa by
my artist sister Drew.