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New Project - The Brothers Hender

Since my current book is involved in the waiting game of agents, I've decided to start a new project. It's taken me a few months to figure out what I wanted to write about next, but I'm pretty stoked about this one, especially since it’s roughly based on my boys. I'm still not exactly sure where it’s going to go, but I know where I want it to end and that's half the battle. So, I’ll just let it flow as it may and hope for the best.
Enjoy reading my first chapter of "The Brothers Hender" :)
Chapter 1

The water was cold as it splashed up around them. Their boots plunging into the icy creek created sounds that gave their position away easily. Hopefully the brothers Hender were far enough away from their pursuers that the loud sound wouldn't carry to their ears.             “Felix, please. I need to rest,” cried Lucas. He was the youngest of the three at the age of ten and his shorter legs had a hard time keeping up with his older brothers.             Fel…

New Query and first 300 words

Why can't I ever be happy with anything I've written? It has taken me two and a half hours to rewrite my query letter and add another 300 words to the beginning of my manuscript. It shouldn't take me that long, but every time I wrote something, it didn't seem right. I think I might have something now, but I could use some critique.

Here goes nothing...

She couldn't remember. The deafening emptiness that came when ever she tried to recall her past dug holes in her brain. Who was she? The nightmares that surfaced most nights told her that she was left to die in the cold as a young child, but that’s all they could tell her. Maybe that’s why she could feel the ice pumping through her veins. But there was something new, a magic that tingled in her finger tips, it was strange. Maybe that’s why they all wanted her. Tabor is the last known soul of an ancient race, found in the mountains by a monk from the nearby monastery. He is an old man …

Moving on

Well, I didn't get picked for the next round of the writers voice. Oh well, what did I really expect? This is my first go at it and all I have to go off of is the research I've done on the internet about querys and submiting to agents.
I've never been able to see so many query letters in one place! Amazing!
Even though I'm disappointed and slightly depressed (probably has something to do with my pregnant emotional state) I've learned a lot about my query letter and what people are looking for right now, which is sadly not what I have written.
Sigh, back to the drawing board.
This doesn't mean that I'm giving up on this novel, it just means that I need to spend the next year writing another novel that's a little more on trend. Maybe my idea about a zombie apocalypse that I've been muling around in my head should make its way to paper now.
Anyone want to be in my new book? :)

The writers voice submission

I am submitting my novel "The Legacy of Ice and Fire" for the writers voice.

Dear Amazing Coaches,

Hours before nineteen year old Tabor is to marry a blood thirsty warlord, she finds out the life that she has been living is not the one she was born into. Events are set into motion quickly, leaving Tabor overwhelmed and confused. The man that she considered a father figure convinces her to marry another man, a stranger, and flee the only life she can remember at the monastery. While being pursued through dangerous, unforgiving mountains by her ex fiancĂ©, Tabor comes to find that she is part of a long forgotten race of people who disappeared hundreds of years ago. The only way to save herself and her new husband is to find them, but where does she look? The road is long and cold, filled with dangerous monsters sent after her by the Underkeeper, a powerful being from the underworld bent on capturing her people and enslaving them for their magic abilities. Tabor has no cho…