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To be or not to be......

oh... How long of a week it has been. My poor little monster Ronan was sick on Thursday, really sick. And when monster is sick, everyone suffers. But even when he is sick he looks so dang cute, check out this sleeping devil,
I couldn't remove the cup from his hand even when he was asleep. He had this mondo death grip on it. That kid loves his milk. In fact, he loves milk so much that he gives himself insomnia because his calcium intake is much higher then his magnesium intake. Little fact you might not know, drinking to much milk can be bad for you if your not taking magnesium. We found a kids vitamin to fix that problem and the next day he took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. Ah, bliss.
I find myself truly bless with beautiful kids, these adorable tow heads know how to melt mommy heart. I was making dinner for them when Ronan was sick and I turn around to find this staring back at me with there large eyes,
Then they did this,

And it was all down hill from there.
I burnt my arm on…

When life gives you lemons...

I've done it to myself again. Filled my weekend so full I don't feel like I've been able to rest. Probably because I haven't been able to rest. I did get some laundry done and coaxed my husband into doing the dishes, although I guess asking for help with the dishes is different from asking him to actually do the dishes. I'll never get it. Its because I'm a woman, isn't it?

Another big note from today's repertuar, I finally cleaned all the maternity clothes out of my closet. I know, right. Ronan is almost 17 months and I still have the fay clothes in the closet. Well, when you're overweight and want to hide that unsightly belly fat, you wear maternity clothes. But I don't need them anymore, so I got a box out and filled it with clothes. It kinda backfired on me though cause now I don't have anything to wear.
That's all I have left. A small handful of t-shirts and even fewer nice shirts. Anyone want to fund a trip to the thrift store? No?…

Crazy is as crazy does...

If at any time in my life I would think of myself as crazy, it would be now. Why the hell would I schedule 5 photo shoots in one weekend? I have no idea!!! It was insane, but everything turned out awesome. I even got some really fun photos to share with you in a later blog. The one I do have to share for you today was the idea of my extremely prepared client (which is awesome) check this out,
How awesome is this? 
In other news, learned a really cool way to play rock, paper, scissors.

Funny stuff that it.

Well, on to editing palooza. See you all next week.

Oh so excited.....

Many wonderful things happened this week and I can't control my excitement!
Phoenix, my eldest son turned 4 on Thursday all though he wouldn't admit it till after his birthday party today. Have I mentioned how weird my children are? We had an awesome party for him today with all his friends.  I let him pick the menu, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and home made fries that were to die for. I added pizza for the adults just to give a little more variety and my mom brought an amazing chicken salad to round it all out.
The only problem with the menu was... well.... I couldn't eat any of it, so of course I did and now I feel really sick, but oh well, if you can't have a little fun every once and a while whats the point of dieting. I guess the point of my diet is to kill the bacteria in my gut, bacteria shmacteria. 
After my 4:30 wake up call, thank you Ronan, I stumbled upon the good old family scale, usually it taunts me, but this morning I said "what the Hector,&qu…