Oh so excited.....

Many wonderful things happened this week and I can't control my excitement!

Phoenix, my eldest son turned 4 on Thursday all though he wouldn't admit it till after his birthday party today. Have I mentioned how weird my children are? We had an awesome party for him today with all his friends. 
I let him pick the menu, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and home made fries that were to die for. I added pizza for the adults just to give a little more variety and my mom brought an amazing chicken salad to round it all out.

The only problem with the menu was... well.... I couldn't eat any of it, so of course I did and now I feel really sick, but oh well, if you can't have a little fun every once and a while whats the point of dieting. I guess the point of my diet is to kill the bacteria in my gut, bacteria shmacteria. 

After my 4:30 wake up call, thank you Ronan, I stumbled upon the good old family scale, usually it taunts me, but this morning I said "what the Hector," and stepped right up on it. Amazingly enough I had lost a pound. I am now 11 pounds past my wedding weight, 26 pounds lost since February and 61 pounds from my heaviest point. I gave my self a pat on the back and said, "You done good pig, you done good."

After three people at phoenix's birthday party told me I should get some pants that fit, Jason convinced me that I should actually get some pants that fit. I wonder what made them think I needed new pants...ah, that's right... The saggy ass part. A hope, skip and jump later we were at JC Penny's the only place that I can buy pants that come in a long.

I grabbed the next size down in jean and went to try them on. I was skeptical that they would fit. I had convinced myself that my old pants were to big because I wore them a lot since they were the only pair that fit, so I stretched them out, but after I put on a size eleven and they were kinda lose, I called my ever present husband to fetch me a smaller size.

One leg at a time I pulled them on and then ... Zip... Buttoned them right up. How did this happen? I lost two pant sizes in one month but only lost 2 pounds, I guess I don't feel so bad anymore for having trouble with my diet.

So all in all, it was an amazing day, and I can't wait to see what will come of tomorrow. Here are some highlights from today's activities.

Home made fires in process

P.S. I was going to write some depressing blog about how I felt so under appreciated, but after the pants thing. I just want to smile. :)

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