Book Review: Star Trek Strange New Worlds: The High Country by John Jackson Miller


Welcome to my book review of Star Trek Strange New Worlds: The High Country by John Jackson Miller. A wonderful read highlighting the new characters we've come to love so much.

Title: Star Trek Strange New Worlds: The High Country

By: John Jackson Miller

Genre: Scifi

Pages: 320

Release Date: February 21st, 2023

Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek

Rating: ★★★★☆


Summary from Goodreads:

The first novel based on the thrilling Paramount+ TV series Star Strange New Worlds!

When an experimental shuttlecraft fails, Captain Christopher Pike suspects a mechanical malfunction—only to discover the very principles on which Starfleet bases its technology have simply stopped functioning. He and his crewmates are forced to abandon ship in a dangerous maneuver that scatters their party across the strangest new world they’ve ever encountered. First Officer Una Chin-Riley finds herself fighting to survive an untamed wilderness where dangers lurk at every turn. Young cadet Nyota Uhura struggles in a volcanic wasteland where things are not as they seem. Science Officer Spock is missing altogether. And Pike gets the chance to fulfill a childhood to live the life of a cowboy in a world where the tools of the twenty-third century are of no use. Yet even in the saddle, Pike is still very much a starship captain, with all the responsibilities that entails. Setting out to find his crewmates, he encounters a surprising face from his past—and discovers that one people’s utopia might be someone else’s purgatory. He must lead an exodus—or risk a calamity of galactic proportions that even the Starship Enterprise is powerless to stop...


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Huge Trekkie here! I'm absolutely loving this new series, highlighting characters that we already know, some mentioned but never embellished upon and some new ones.

I've said it before, and I will say it again. Plot lines that follow multiple characters in parallel storylines are hard to follow and if not done right, can come off messy and scattered. Because of this, I tend to avoid multiple plot lines like the plague. Glad I didn't on this one.

Four crew members of the enterprise are forced to abandon ship on a strange planet. They are separated during the process and have to survive on their own on a strange and dangerous planet where technology doesn't work.

Pike's storyline has a wild west kind of vibe, where Una finds herself in a jungle/Jurassic park type crazy ride. Uhura is dropped into a hot wasteland where she learns to communicate with lava... And Spock... Well, good old Spock has the ride of his life with Volcan pirates. Its really an odd combination, but so entertaining, especially the ending.

I really enjoyed reading through this book, following the characters I've come to love. I can't wait to see what happens to them next.

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