Weekly Menu #541 And The Book Of The Week


Hello Monday. Welcome back to my weekly menu where I share all the delicious recipes we will be making this week.

Wow, the weather over the last week has been crazy. The news said we would have snow in my area. A lot of snow, but instead we got the sleet that was supposed to hit more south. Temps plummeted to 8 degrees at night and didn't get above 20 during the day for several days. Now, before you tell me to stop complaining because that's normal for your part of the country, I just want to remind you this is not normal for the PNW. We generally have wet winters with temps around the 30's at night.

As much as I love changing things up, its been over a week and I still can't walk on my driveway without falling on a solid sheet of ice. I'm too old to be falling on my ass. Its embarrassing and it hurts.

Since we are stuck in the house, I blew through three books last week. Not expecting to do the same this week, but the read will be Hell Bent by Leigh Bardugo. I love this author. Her writing style is easy to follow and her world building is amazing. Every page is an adventure. 

Lets get to this weeks menu. I know that's what you came here for. Enjoy!


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