Weekly Menu #531 And The Book Of The Week


Hello Monday! Welcome back to this weeks menu where I share the recipes we will be enjoying this week.

OMG, what a weird week I've had. Took last week off to reset after the year we've had and it was all but relaxing. We had a medical emergency at our house on Tuesdays. Don'ts worry, everyone is going to be ok. Thursday, the kids started getting sick. The oldest first, then the little one went down hard on Saturday. While we were dealing with that, got a call from a nearby vet that a cat that ran away years ago, has shown up in a neighboring city and I needed to come get him. I was shocked. He is healthy, really overweight and hiding under the couch, but we are glad to have him home. Where have you been for years, sir?

Since the week got away with me, I wasn't really able to get much reading done, so I'm still working on A Dawn of Onyx by Kate Golden and The Lotus Flower Champion by Pintip Dunn. I'm hoping with things going back to our normal schedule, my want to read will come back as well. Wish me luck.

I know you came here for the menu, so lets get to it. Enjoy!



Crockpot Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Kids - Ramen and Chicken Nuggets



Garlic Butter Turkey with Cauliflower

over rice

Kids - Mac and Cheese



Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken Thighs

Kids - Chicken with Rice



Smothered Frito Bowls

Kids - Fritos and Chicken Nuggets



Club Sandwiches

Kids - Grilled Cheese



Sriracha Bacon Breakfast Toast

Kids - Toast with Jam and Fruit



Family Dinner

Spaghetti Night

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