Sunday Confessions #224


Hello Sunday! Welcome back to my blog confessions where I recap what's been happening on the blog in the last week.

I do have to confess, its been a very rough and emotionally draining week. It was supposed to be my week off of work alone to recharge and reset after this long year, but lets just pile more emotions onto everything else. I can't tell you about it, since its not my story to tell, but just know that my family is fine and those involved are getting the help that they need. I wish them all the love and support they need to recuperate.

Lets get on with the rest of the recap.


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Sunday Confessions #225

Currently listening to the Morbid Podcast with Ash and Alaina. They are hilarious and have some dark and morbid stories to share. Love them. This is the only Podcast I listen to.

123/100 2023 Reading Challenge

Take a deep breath, next week will be ok. Happy reading my friends.

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