Book Review: Watership Down by Richard Adams

My review of Watership Down by Richard Adams.

Title: Watership Down

By: Richard Adams

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 478

Release Date: November 1st, 1972

Publisher: Avon Books

Rating: ★★★★★


Summary from Goodreads:

Set in England's Downs, a once idyllic rural landscape, this stirring tale of adventure, courage and survival follows a band of very special creatures on their flight from the intrusion of man and the certain destruction of their home. Led by a stouthearted pair of friends, they journey forth from their native Sandleford Warren through the harrowing trials posed by predators and adversaries, to a mysterious promised land and a more perfect society.


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I've always wondered how people come up with these stories about such mundane creatures who take extraordinary adventures. Fiver and Hazel carry the story, bringing life to a story about rabbits that seems so relatable in many ways.

This was an incredible journey and I have to say that I was a blubbering mess at the end. Don't worry, I won't ruin it for you.

Favorite Quote:
“He fought because he actually felt safer fighting than running.”

If you are in the mood for an epic nail biting journey, with danger, love and hope around every corner, you need to read this book.

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