Life Confessions: Post #10


The lifestyle of a PNW mom, avid reader, exballerina and food lover. 

Friends! Last week was crazy. First week of school. Ear surgery for my little one... Who's not so little anymore and lots of sunshine.

The first day of school was a mess. With many tears and a lot of coaxing, the kids were off to school. Treated myself to an adult beverage and enjoyed the fading sun light. Posted some pretty hilarious TikToks, if I do say so myself. You are going to have to follow me on Tiktok or Instagram to see those.

Watched the sunrise Friday with my youngest, as we waited to have tubes placed in both his ears... Again... This was not our first rodeo. In fact it was our fifth. Unfortunately, the tubes are not helping and his doctor is talking about removing his eardrums all together and replacing them with new ones... Ugh... 

Here's your montage of cats. Mostly our little screwed up baby War, but also the bad ass old lady Ember. We thought she was gone, but she came home after three weeks. Last time she went missing, we tracked her whereabouts on Facebook, lol. She was showing up at random houses miles away and then moving on. She is sooo weird. 

Last but not least. We took the boys to Portland's own amusement park, Oaks Park. I've only been there a handful of times as a child, but never as an adult. 

Some of the kids had fun, but the little one had a headache and wasn't excited at all. We made it through with some laying on the ground and a lot of sugar. My eldest even took advantage of the rides. Never thought they would be my thrill ride kid.

With that stressful week over, here's to another one.

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