Sunday Confessions #204


Hello Sunday!

We have kittens! Six of them in fact. They are only a few days old, but they are doing well. It was hit or miss for one tiny one for a while, but after a period of bottle feeding, the mama cat has taken the kitten back and she is feeding and growing. Still very small, but I think she will be ok.

Lets recap the week then.


Weekly Menu #511 And The Book Of The Week
Book Review: Bartleby the Scavenger by Herman Melville
Book Review: My Survival by Rena Finder
Sunday Confessions #205

Finishing up season 2 of Oh Cook! before all my favorite shows start this week.

55/100 2023 Reading Challenge

Well, its been a week. Hopefully this coming one will be more relaxing. 

Happy reading!

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