Book Review: Arch-Conspirator by Veronica Roth


Title: Arch-Conspirator

By: Veronica Roth

Genre: Sci-fi, Dystopian

Pages: 112

Release Date: February 21st, 2023

Publisher: Tor Books

Rating: ★★★★★


Summary from Goodreads:

From dystopian visionary and bestselling phenomenon Veronica Roth comes a razor-sharp reimagining of Antigone. In Arch-Conspirator, Roth reaches back to the root of legend and delivers a world of tomorrow both timeless and unexpected.

Outside the last city on Earth, the planet is a wasteland. Without the Archive, where the genes of the dead are stored, humanity will end.

Passing into the Archive should be cause for celebration, but Antigone’s parents were murdered, leaving her father’s throne vacant. As her militant uncle Kreon rises to claim it, all Antigone feels is rage. When he welcomes her and her siblings into his mansion, Antigone sees it for what it really is: a gilded cage, where she is a captive as well as a guest.

But her uncle will soon learn that no cage is unbreakable. And neither is he.


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This story packs a punch.

Its hard to fit a lot of depth into a short story, but Veronica Roth did just that and beautifully. I always love Roth's dystopian style of writing.

I really loved Tig. She was headstrong and stubborn. She would be considered a hero in todays standards. Standing up for women's rights everywhere, not just for herself. These are the signs of a good protagonist.

Favorite Quote:
"It didn’t occur to me until that moment that I had lived inside her. I always thought of my planet as something I lived on. But clinging to the straps that hold me in place, I think, no, I was within her. Folded somewhere between her atmosphere and her surface, as if between a mattress and a blanket. But there are depths to her I don’t know, and layers I never thought of. She is a complex entity that I know, in the end, very little about. I watch her become distinct from me, and it seems to me that gravity was a kind of umbilical cord that bound us to our planet, and that cord has been cut."

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars. It was action packed and vibrant. It kept me craving more the whole read.

Sometimes I wish there were more short stories from the authors that I love, just to give me a little taste of joy when there isn't enough time or desire to read a full book. 

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