Book Review: The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose


Title: The Perfect Marriage

By: Jeneva Rose

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 342

Release Date: July 3rd, 2020

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Rating: ★★★★☆


Summary from Goodreads:

Would you defend your husband if he was accused of killing his mistress?

Sarah Morgan is a successful and powerful defense attorney in Washington D.C. At 33 years old, she is a named partner at her firm and life is going exactly how she planned.

The same cannot be said for her husband, Adam. He is a struggling writer who has had little success in his career. He begins to tire of his and Sarah’s relationship as she is constantly working.

Out in the secluded woods, at Adam and Sarah’s second home, Adam engages in a passionate affair with Kelly Summers.

Then, one morning everything changes. Adam is arrested for Kelly’s murder. She had been found stabbed to death in Adam and Sarah’s second home.

Sarah soon finds herself playing the defender for her own husband, a man accused of murdering his mistress.

But is Adam guilty or is he innocent?


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The way I came across this book is a hilarious story. You must follow Jeneva Rose on Instagram or Tiktok and watch her Scott saga. It will make you die laughing.

Anyway, lets talk about the book itself (Which Scott seems to hate)... but I don't. This story had me guessing the whole time. A real page turner. I generally don't read mystery thrillers like this, but I'm glad I did.

Although the whole premise of a wife defending her husband for murdering his mistress is a bit unorthodox and frankly a terrible idea, once I pushed past my own "WTF" moment, the story was wonderfully entertaining. Fast paced, this was a quick read and worth the time.

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