Sunday Confessions #189


Hello Sunday!

Well, if I thought my autoimmune disorder was rough, the side effects of the medication are pretty bad too. My meds lower my immune system to combat my disorder. This makes my body forget how to fight my allergies. They are coming out of the wood works. The worst one was olive oil the other day. 

My lips and tongue went numb. My back and head itched. Hives on my face. Lower back and hip pain and the wort symptom of them all was the asthma. I've had asthma my whole life, but this wouldn't go away with a puff of my inhaler. So I took an allergy pill and suffered through it, but now I know. Don't ingest olive oil.


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We just finished season 1 of 1923, and although I love the series, they left every end untied. There was no conclusion and no one is where they are supposed to be. Talk about cliff hangar. 

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Well, after my accidental poisoning, I'm feeling better now that I have cut olive oil out of my diet. This is going to be rough. Happy reading.

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