Sunday Confessions #188


Hello Sunday!

It has been a week. It seems that our old home needs more plumbing repairs, ones that my handy husband can't do himself, and the weather has been so cold, we haven't been able to pour concrete in the drive way. We are so close to being finished with that project, but so far away. Crossing my fingers the weather warms up and we can move forward.


Weekly Menu #496 And The Book Of The Week
Book Review: The Office BFFs by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
Book Review: The Keepers Six by Kate Elliot
Sunday Confessions #189

Carnival Row season 2 is off to a bang. Still working through season 5 of Chicago Med and Although I like Fire Country, whoever is in charge of the special effects needs to be fired. If you claim there is a thunder storm, then why is the sun shining and the sky cloudless and blue?

14/100 2023 Reading Challenge

It was a long week with limited time to read. Hoping this week will be easier.

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