Book Review: Flirting with the Beast by Jane Porter


Title: Flirting with the Beast

By: Jane Porter

Genre: Romance

Pages: 336

Release Date: November 29th, 2022

Publisher: Berkley Books

Rating: ★★★★☆


Summary from Goodreads:

A woman expecting to spend the holidays alone finds warmth in the iciest man she knows in this steamy and charming later-in-life romance by New York Times bestselling author Jane Porter.

It's been five years since Andi McDermott lost her husband, and she's finally starting to feel like herself again, ready to live fully--she's even started dating again. But when her holiday plans with her stepson and his fiancĂ© fall through, she refuses to spend another Christmas alone while everyone is celebrating with their families. Impulsively, she decides to go up to her cabin in Lake Arrowhead, a place she used to love to visit but hadn't gone to in years, not since the feud started between her husband and their nearest neighbor.

Andi starts to rethink her decision when being alone at the cabin proves to be more challenging than she expected--a heavy snowstorm hits the area, and Andi finds herself trapped there with no one to help except for her neighbor, Wolf Enders. A military vet who lives full-time on Lake Arrowhead, Wolf is as grumpy and intimidating as Andi remembers. But he's also unexpectedly kind and uncomfortably sexy--his presence reminds Andi that she may be older, but her body still works perfectly fine, thank you very much. But can this good girl tame this sexy beast of a man, and will this snowy fling turn into a love of a lifetime?


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As this is my first over 40 romance, I was a little skeptical that I would find the same joy in writing as I would with my typical romance novels, but I really did feel this was a good fit for me. The writing was wonderful, the story was great, except at the end when I found Wolf to be a little unsufferable. And there was just the right amount of steam. 

The only thing negative I can say about this book, was the naming of the characters. I'm into odd names. Have a few kids with odd names myself, but I found the character naming to be overdone and hard to remember who was who after a while. 

This was a good read with a wonderful story. Can't wait to see what this author comes out with next. 

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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