Throwback Thursday - The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame


Its Throwback Thursday! This is the part where I review the oldest book on my read list. This weeks book is over 100 years old, and frankly it should probably be berried as I hated it. Read on.

Title: Wind in the Willows

By: Kenneth Grahame

Genre: Childrens

Pages: 197

Release Date: 1908

Publisher: Penguin Books

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


Summary from Goodreads:

For more than a century, The Wind in the Willows and its endearing protagonists--Mole, Mr. Toad, Badger, and Ratty--have enchanted children of all ages. Whether the four friends are setting forth on an exciting adventure, engaging in a comic caper, or simply relaxing by the River Thames, their stories are among the most charming in all English literature.


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DNF 66 %

I really couldn't with this book.

Not sure if it was the old writing style, the bland uninteresting story or the fact that I probably wasn't in the mood for an old book like this, but I couldn't get through it. It was probably a bit of all three.

I knew diving into the book that the writing style was going to be old, like over 100 years old, old. Books of this age tend to be very sharp and uncolorful with the words. they don't paint much of a picture and world building is mostly non existent. All that was a given. Generally, I can push through the blandness of the words as long as the story is interesting... It wasn't...

The characters were just mean and unrelatable. Really, not a wonderful read for me, but that cover is gorgeous.

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