Throwback Thursday: Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka


This is another addition of Throwback Thursday, where I recap the oldest book I've recently read. This one is super old, published in 1915... Talk about outdated.

Title: Metamorphosis

By: Franz Kafka

Genre: Scifi

Pages: 98

Release Date: 1915

Publisher: Penguin

Rating: ★★★☆☆


Summary from Goodreads:

Waking after a night of troubled dreams, Gregor is surprised to find himself trapped in the body of a hideous man-sized bug. As he lies on his shell and gazes into space, his mother and father begin calling to him from outside his bedroom door. He must get out of bed, they tell him. He has to go to work. They need his money to live.

Gregor replies to them nervously, his voice sounding strange to his ears.

He'll be out very soon, he says. He's just getting ready...

But he can't keep saying that forever.


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I think what really caught my attention on this book was how scifi this concept was even back in the early 1900's. In the world today, there are a million books with similar stories, but non as old as metamorphosis.

The book was well written for its time, but I couldn't help but get caught up on how asshole-ish people were back then. Just because the dude looked like a bug, doesn't mean your entire family is shamed. Come on people. Sadly, this was how people acted back then, and sadly some people still think this way today.

This was a fun short read that I picked up for my Gilmore Girls reading challenge.

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