Sunday Confessions #111


Welcome back to another Sunday Confessions, a place to recap what's be happening over the last week.

It has been an amazing week back from vacation, but I'm sad that we couldn't spend more time exploring our beautiful state. Until next year.

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Since not much reading was done on vacation, I'm still working on this book, but by the time this post goes live, I will probably be done with it. Its less than 300 pages, so a quick read.

I'm about 15% in and already enjoying it. Will definitely be reviewing on the blog in the future.

I've been hooked on shows with old home restoration, since my husband and I own a 1929 cottage style home in the heart of Oregon City. I want to restore it and put it back to its original style, so these shows give me some amazing ideas. My current watch is Cheap old houses, although they don't restore the homes they look at, they do have some amazing insight into old homes.

Recently, the hideouts panel light went out in our galley kitchen. I've been wanting to replace it, but since it worked fine we decided to put that project on the backburner since there were more pressing matters, like our middle sons room that needed to be taken care of first.

I've been doing a lot of looking around, since a new light was needed, and this wonderful post about brick backsplash kitchen ideas from Julie Jackson at DIY Darlin' came to my attention.

Although I'm not planning on putting a brick backsplash in my cottage kitchen, those countertops and farmhouse sink are to die for. Love this whole look. Husband, take note.

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34/196 in my Star Wars Legends challenge
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49/100 in my 100 books before you die challenge

I'm glad to be back in the book groove and can't wait for another week of wonderful stories. What are you reading? Leave your Sunday posts in the comments below so I can visit.


  1. Oh I love the look of your house and all the projects ideas & plans. I'm doing the same but my house is newer and not as interesting as the 1920s homes I owned in MN. But I have a longer growing season and plenty of sun for more flower and vegetable gardening here in NC.

    I read Trejo and really enjoyed it but parts were pretty brutal. He is a nice guy (I met him) and he did not have a good start. He has really worked to improve himself over the years.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

    1. I do love old homes. They have a wonderful charm. Ours is a work in progress, but we are getting there.

      I loved Trejo. It was amazing to read all the struggles and heartache that he went through in his life and how he has become a wonderful person because of it. Great read.