Weekly Menu #393 And The Book Of The Week


Hello Monday. Does it seem that the weeks are blending together and time is out of control? I can't believe March is here. It feels like January still. I guess its the working from home thing. When I woke up last Thursday, I seriously thought it was Friday and my husband had to remind me that it was, in fact, no Friday. Sadness was all I felt...

At least I have my books still and this weeks read is The Minders by john Marrs. I picked up this book from the publisher and it hasn't been released yet, but I'll let you know how it comes out when it gets closer to the release date in July. Loved the last book I read of his, and can't wait to siphon the life out of this one. Stay tuned. 

Here is the weekly menu, what you've all come to see. I hope you enjoy.



Sloppy Joes



Beef Nacho Supreme



Smash Burgers



Beef Ramen Stir Fry



Toads in a Hole



Spaghetti Night



Leftovers Night


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