Movie Review: Tesla

Title: Tesla

Genre: Historical

Release Date: August 21st, 2020

My Rating: ★★

IMDB Rating: 5.0/10

Cast: Ethan Hawke, Eve Hewson, Eli A. Smith


Summary from IMDB: 

A freewheeling take on visionary inventor Nikola Tesla, his interactions with Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan's daughter Anne, and his breakthroughs in transmitting electrical power and light.


IMDB Trailer



Although I love the story of Tesla and the amazing things that he accomplished, this movie was really weird and off putting. 

Throughout the movie, little things like cell phones or music was put in place to highlight the things that Tesla had a hand in creating many years later. It was really odd. At one point, Tesla was having a conversation with Edison and out of the blue, Edison picked up a cell phone and started surfing the internet. Um... what? There was no context to it and it made me think it was a mistake. After a while, I realized that it wasn't a mistake and it was a style thing. 

At the end of the movie, Tesla did some Karaoke with a very psychedelic vibe. 

I don't normally give movies a 2 star, but this one was just weird. 

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