Book Review: Stealing Home by Sherryl Woods

Title: Stealing Home
By: Sherryl Woods
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Pages: 394
Release Date: January 30th, 2007
Publisher: Mira Books
Rating: ★★★★★

Summary from Goodreads:

The Sweet Magnolias is now a Netflix Original Series!

From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Sherryl Woods

For the Sweet Magnolias, friendship lasts a lifetime...

Maddie Townsend might live in a town called Serenity and have the best friends a woman could ask for, but her life is overturned when her husband leaves her for a younger woman. With her three children heartbroken from the change, Maddie has a lot to contend with. On top of it all, after years outside the workforce, she must dust off her business skills to take charge of her best friends' newest project--planning the town's only fitness spa for women.

When her son's developing anger issues begin to affect his passion for baseball, Maddie knows she must step in to help. She didn't expect to develop feelings for her son's coach, the handsome Cal Maddox, and to learn he has feelings for her, too. But gossip travels quickly in a small town, and Maddie and Cal's relationship may threaten both their reputations and careers.

Then again, he could be the one man in all of South Carolina who can help her find serenity after all.


I picked up this book because I really liked the show on Netflix and to my surprise, I loved the book even more.

The story starts off with a family falling apart. The husband just left for a younger, naive nurse that happens to be pregnant with his child. The children are struggling to understand what their daddy has done and of course the wife is left in shambles trying to keep it together while falling apart inside.

I really wanted to hate the ex husband. He was a real piece of, you know what, but in the end, I felt bad for him since he had to sleep in the bed that he made, and the grace definitely wasn't greener on the other side.

The love story between Maddie and Cal was to die for. It was sweet and wonderful and for those of you who don't like the graphic stuff, just perfect.

If you are looking for a sweet love story when things fall apart, then you will need to read this one.

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