Weekly Menu #367 And The Book Of The Week

Monday is back and so am I. Our vacation was wonderful. The weather was a nice 75 degrees and sunny. We explored downtown Astoria, eating at Moe's restaurant twice, only because our youngest son loved it and that is hard to find. If the boy will eat it, then we will be there. We spent an entire day at the beach where we went inside an actual shipwreck on the Oregon coast, the Peter Iredale and took the Mitsubishi on the sand. Everything was great until the last evening when a "Karen" arrived and yelled at us for going to the bathroom too much. Everyone knows not to get the camp site right next to the bathroom unless you can handle the traffic. 
This weeks book is a little ditty you might have heard of. I picked it up on our adventures in Astoria, lucky me. Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer. I actually didn't know that this book was set to be released so it was a surprise to me when I found it. Everything's been so up in the air lately, I guess I haven't been paying much attention to the book world. Silly me.

This weeks menu is simple, but delicious. I hope you enjoy! 



Substitute Gluten Free Noodles





Leftovers Night

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