Book to Movie: Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman

Who's ready for another round of books to movies? Its been a while since I've watched a movie that started as a book, and also was good enough to be compared to the book. 

Unorthodox started as a memoir by Deborah Feldman. It recaps her life as a Jewish woman in the Satmar sect of Hasidic Judaism, a very strict sect that governs every aspect of her life from, what she wears to who she can speak with, or the books she was allowed to read. 

The book follows Feldman's escape from her unhappy marriage and journey to Germany, where she starts a new life.

The movie follows a lot of the story line of the book, up unto a point where it breaks off to give the reader a better cinematic ride. Both stories are wonderfully  portrayed and show how suffocating the rules of the Satmar sect can be, especially toward women. 

I found both the book and the movie to be binge worthy and found myself sucked in from the very start. It really brought light to how others live out of fear that God would bring about the suffering of the Jews again after World War 2. 

I would really recommend this deep and wonderful book to anyone who wants to step outside of their life for a while and take a journey with a brave young woman. 

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