Book Review: Dating Makes Perfect by Pintip Dunn

Title: Dating Makes Perfect
By: Pintip Dunn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 400
Release Date: August 18th, 2020
Publisher: Entangled: Teen
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Summary from Goodreads:

The Tech sisters don’t date in high school. Not because they’re not asked. Not because they’re not interested. Not even because no one can pronounce their long, Thai last name—hence the shortened, awkward moniker. But simply because they’re not allowed.

Until now.

In a move that other Asian American girls know all too well, six months after the older Tech twins got to college, their parents asked, “Why aren’t you engaged yet?” The sisters retaliated by vowing that they won’t marry for ten (maybe even twenty!) years, not until they’ve had lots of the dating practice that they didn’t get in high school.

In a shocking war on the status quo, her parents now insist that their youngest daughter, Orrawin (aka “Winnie”), must practice fake dating in high school. Under their watchful eyes, of course—and organized based on their favorite rom-coms. ’Cause that won’t end in disaster.

The first candidate? The son of their longtime friends, Mat Songsomboon—arrogant, infuriating, and way too good-looking. Winnie’s known him since they were toddlers throwing sticky rice balls at each other. And her parents love him.

If only he weren’t her sworn enemy.


A cute read with likable characters. 

The book had a slow start to it, where everything just felt hallow, like I was scratching the surface. Once the story really got going I finally felt the emotions of the characters. Its was as if it took them a while to warm up and let it all out. 

I did really enjoy the comradery between the sisters. It felt real, like something my sisters and I would say.

Overall, this was a pleasant read with a fun story.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review. 

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