Sunday Confessions # 20

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I've pre scheduled this post due to the holiday so hopefully I've had a wonderful Thanksgiving too. 

My reading has slowed down lately, its just that time of the year and I'm not always able to pick up a book and dive into it. I think I'm down to two or so books a week which is a far cry from the five or six I was getting through just a few weeks ago. That's ok thought. I wanted to read 150 books this year and I did, I wanted to read all the best books of 2018 according to Goodreads, and I'm currently reading the last book, its interesting so far. So, even though I've slowed down, I'm not worried about it.

Well, Lets get to this weeks confessions and see what's been going on around the blogosphere. 


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Sunday Confessions # 21

 I'm excited to read all three of these books. Already started Wonder Woman Warbringer because its short and a comic book. Can't wait to review it for you.

My book club Books and Burgers isn't meeting until January, but I've had this book on my currently reading list since October and it's calling my name. 

I've only heard great things about this book. Wonderful things, and I think now is the time to pick it up and just read it. I will probably forget the whole thing before our next meeting at the end of January, but I plan on making good notes and hoping for the best.

You can't turn down a book when it calls to you. You just can't.

Who is with me? Let's read Where the Crawdads Sing and have a wonderful discussion. 

Thanks for stopping by this weeks confessions, they are always fun to write and see what's been happening on the blog and around the blogosphere in the last week. Come back next week for more reviews and books to sink your teeth into.

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