Book Review: Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach

Title: Tulip Fever
By: Deborah Moggach
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 281
Release Date: April 10th, 2001
Publisher: Dial Press Trade Paperback
Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary from Goodreads: A tale of art, beauty, lust, greed, deception and retribution -- set in a refined society ablaze with tulip fever.

In 1630s Amsterdam, tulipomania has seized the populace. Everywhere men are seduced by the fantastic exotic flower. But for wealthy merchant Cornelis Sandvoort, it is his young and beautiful wife, Sophia, who stirs his soul. She is the prize he desires, the woman he hopes will bring him the joy that not even his considerable fortune can buy.

Cornelis yearns for an heir, but so far he and Sophia have failed to produce one. In a bid for immortality, he commissions a portrait of them both by the talented young painter Jan van Loos. But as Van Loos begins to capture Sophia's likeness on canvas, a slow passion begins to burn between the beautiful young wife and the talented artist.

As the portrait unfolds, so a slow dance is begun among the household's inhabitants. Ambitions, desires, and dreams breed a grand deception--and as the lies multiply, events move toward a thrilling and tragic climax.

In this richly imagined international bestseller, Deborah Moggach has created the rarest of novels--a lush, lyrical work of fiction that is also compulsively readable. Seldom has a novel so vividly evoked a time, a place, and a passion.

Review: I loved the concept of this book. There was a real tulip fever that made people do crazy things. The love story was amazing and heartbreaking, but had a wonderful ending. The movie was also worth watching. It really brought the characters to light. 

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