Vacation and a book: Seattle 2019

Just as I promised, this post is all about my family vacation to the Seattle, WA area. We had such a blast. The boys did wonderful despite being out of their element. Two of them are autistic and have a hard time with change. We had a lot of change, but it all went well.

I have to say, the highlight of the trip was my oldest going up in the Seattle Great Wheel, the Ferris wheel that looks out over the Puget Sound and Pike Street Market. He begged to go and did wonderful up in the sky. If you want to see the video of his experience, follow me on Instagram @ExBallerina, Or check out @Team_Henderson5 to get the latest updates on our autistic journey.

I also read an awesome book, The Tuscan Child by Rhys Bowan. It was an awesome historical read that I picked up for a book club. We follow a WW2 when he was shot down in Italy during the war and then jump forward to follow is daughter as she finds out about her father's past after he died. It is a touching suspenseful story that was worth the read. 

Now, lets get to the photos.

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