Weekly Menu #307 And The Book Of The Week

Monday, here we are again. It seems like one week melds into the next and we are stuck in this continuous cycle of Mondays. Always Mondays.

It was a strange week last week with the fourth of July happening right in the middle. My middle son came down with a fever on Monday and it didn't go away until Friday. His fever spiked on the 4th at 104 and right before the fireworks started at dusk, we ended up in the ER, attempting to bring the fever down to a less damaging heat. he was at 100 by the time we lest, but the doctors couldn't figure out what was causing the fever. No infections, no symptoms of the flu, no fluid in the longs or appendicitis. There was just nothing. I'm glad that the fever finally broke, but that kid likes to give me a scare.

The book for this week is going to be Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. I've seen the movie and there is nothing out there that I know of like this. The whole premise of a zombie coming back to life because he falls in love with a living girl is awesome. I really wanted to find out how that would unfold on paper. What do you think?

This weeks menu is going to be delicious. I'm still happy with the recipes from Marley Spoon by Martha Stewart. They are simple and usually don't have a lot of carbs as the base. I'm not a huge carb freak in the evenings tend to like a nice salad with my protein. What is your meal style?

I hope you enjoy these recipes. I know I will.






- Tuna Sandwiches 

Leftovers Night

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