Weekly Menu #306 And The Book Of The Week

Monday! What do you think about my new weekly menu picture above? I made that meal myself and it was delicious. Summer is in full swing and the boys are finally settling in to a routine. Today is going to be a blast. We are off to the Oregon Science Museum of Industry, or as we all call it here in Oregon, OMSI. This is a wonderful museum of science that the boys can really get into and learn while having fun. I always loved going as a child, and now I am excited to share this experience with my children.

This weeks book is going to be The Last Hope by Krista & Becca Ritchie. I never really understood how two people could write a book together and make it actually work, but these two authors are super good at it. The last book of theirs I read was awesome, and I am excited to read this one. Who is with me?






- Tuna Sandwiches

Leftovers Night

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