Book Review: Salvation Day by Kali Wallace

Title: Salvation Day
By: Kali Wallace
Genre: Scifi Horror 
Pages: 320
Release Date: July 9th, 2019
Publisher: Berkley

Summary from Goodreads: A lethal virus is awoken on an abandoned spaceship in this incredibly fast-paced, claustrophobic thriller.

They thought the ship would be their salvation.

Zahra knew every detail of the plan. House of Wisdom, a massive exploration vessel, had been abandoned by the government of Earth a decade earlier, when a deadly virus broke out and killed everyone on board in a matter of hours. But now it could belong to her people if they were bold enough to take it. All they needed to do was kidnap Jaswinder Bhattacharya—the sole survivor of the tragedy, and the last person whose genetic signature would allow entry to the spaceship.

But what Zahra and her crew could not know was what waited for them on the ship—a terrifying secret buried by the government. A threat to all of humanity that lay sleeping alongside the orbiting dead.

And then they woke it up.

Review: This was a terrifying space ride. OMG! We meet our characters in the midst of their devious plan to take over an abandoned space ship. From the get go, there is so much excitement and thrills. You don't know who to trust, who is going to catch this "disease" that plagued the ship and killed the entire crew years before. Bodies floating dead in the vacuum of space. Some with visible wounds and some with no sign of what killed them. I was so scared the whole book. My fingernails are no more. Who will survive the dead ship, and who will succumb to whatever it is that lies in the cold void of space?

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.


  1. Oh wow, this does sound terrifying but so good at the same time. I hadn't heard of this book before so thanks for putting it on my radar. Great review!

    1. You will love it. It's just the right amount of creep to give you the shivers. Enjoy!