Weekly Menu #305 And The Book Of The Week

Its always Monday. I feel like Monday is everyday now that the kids are out of school. Even my days off are Mondays. How has it come to this?

Last Sunday I won the weekly drawing at my local library for the summer reading program. I won a coffee mug, a copy of the Fantastic Beast book and a $5 Dutch Bros gift card. I'm super stoked since I love all of the above... Except for the coffee. I don't drink coffee. Any who, I'm looking forward to winning again... If I win again... But with the amount of books I read per week, my odds are amazing. Stay tuned for more winning.

This weeks book is going to be Crow Fall by Ed McDonald. Its the third installment in the Raven's Mark series and I have to say, this cover is absolutely stunning. I've been with this series since the beginning and I am excited to see what happens next. Who's with me?

This week's menu is not going to disappoint. I really hope you enjoy!







Leftovers Night


  1. Nice that you won at the local library. That's a neat deal they have going on. I like your menu, looks low carb and right now I'm just starting a 6 week exercise, carb cycling program so I'm looking for menu ideas. It's always good to plan ahead. Have a great week! :)

    1. It's fairly low carb. I'm gluten free so I tend to stay away from carbs. It's easier and cheaper, lol. Good luck on your exercise plan. Let me know how that goes.

  2. Congrats on your win. Sounds like a pretty cool prize pack. I hope you enjoy your book of the week. I'm not familiar with that series but it sounds really good.

    1. It's a really great scifi/Western vibe series that I've really enjoyed.