What I'm reading this week and the #WeeklyMenu Week #253

Hello Monday! Welcome back to the new web page. Its looking fancy, isn't it. It was a long weekend, lots of father's day festivities and weird weather.

The day started off with wonderful with sun and a day at the water park. Good thing I lathered up the kids in sunscreen... Would have been a good idea to put some on myself. Crisped up my shoulders a little.

Snapped some pictures of our pup Shore waiting for her boys to get home from Church. I wasn't able to go with them this week since I had a photo shoot with some fantastic kids, but they had fun anyway.

This weeks book that I'm going to try and tackle is The Lovely Bones. It was turned into a movie that I haven't seen yet. I like to read the book before I watch the movie. This read has been on my TBR list the longest. Its a long list. Over 500 books. So, I thought I would start with my oldest and work my way forward. We shall see how well that goes.

Read on for this weeks menu!







Leftovers Night

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