March 2018 Wrap-up

Say goodbye to March and hello to April. I can't believe we are already to this point of the year. The first quarter is gone, only three more to go. March was a good month though. I managed to get my hands on some awesome new releases that I've been dying to read. I can't wait to share what worlds I've been immersed in recently.

Here are the lucky few that I would highly recommend you read next. These four books really rocked my world this month. Each a little different, but a wonderful read in themselves. Pick these stories up next.


Other's I read that also didn't disappoint. Are as follows in no particular order.


 These are just some of the books I read in the month of March. There were so many that I couldn't put them all here. These were all worth the read, so if you are looking for a little romance, fantasy, vampires or something spiritual, pick up one of these books today.

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