4 Olympic Stories That Defy The Odds

I just finished watching the closing ceremonies to the 2018 Olympics. It always amazes me how much work these athletes put into their craft and how much joy they get out of winning a medal. The big thing this year was North and South Korea competing hand in hand under one flag. I never thought something like this would happen in my life time. Also, the Russians still being caught for doping, even during these games. Huge news. 

Through all the trials and stories that come out of the Olympic games, there are some incredible books that showcase what its like to live through these times. Here are four books that I plan on reading this year about struggle, sacrifice and overcoming incredible odds. Enjoy! 

Title: The Boys in the Boat
By: Daniel James Brown
Genre: Non-Fiction

Title: Triumph
By: Jeremy Schaap
Genre: Non-Fiction

Title: Unbroken
By: Laura Hillenbrand
Genre: Non-Fiction

Title: Eddie The Eagle
By: Eddie Edwards
Genre: Non-Fiction

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