If it wasn't for Bruschetta... | #WeeklyMenu Week #236

You know what? I don't even know what that tagline means. Either way, it's Monday again and that means another week of meals for you to wet your pallet.

We've decided to add a kids night to the menu, so now Friday night is all about the kids. The meal will be simple and geared toward the family. Something we can all sit down to and eat together. A lot of the time, I make a separate meal for the boys or severely simplify it for my picky eaters. Its a pain and causes fighting most nights. It would be nice to have the boys seeing that mom and dad like the same things they do, and hopefully it will create a frustration free night, especially after a long week.

Enjoy this weeks menu... and kids night! 


- Sloppy Joe's 





Leftovers Night

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