A shepherd with a pie... | #WeeklyMenu Week #233

Happy Monday... Again! I can't believe we are back to here. Another week down, another week in front of us. The boys are staying healthy, for the most part. Little coughs and runny noses hear and there, but so far, no bed ridden sicknesses. Knock on wood. 

I got around to writing again. 1000 words on Thursday. I really need to buckle down and get that book finished, but life happens and my lunch breaks are used for other things lately. 

The cutthroat book club is insane. I'm up to 35 books this month alone. That's over an 8th of the way to my reading goal this year already. If I can hit 50 book this month, I'll be way ahead of the reading curve... I don't know why I'm doing this... but it's fun...

Here is your menu for the week. Lots of good stuff to eat. Enjoy!

- Meat Ball Sandwiches






Tuna Sandwiches

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