Will Hedgehog Learn His Lesson | Hedge Hog! by Ashlyn Anstee

Title: Hedge Hog!
By: Ashlyn Anstee
Genre: Picture Book
Pages: 21
Release Date: May 8th, 2018
Publisher: Penguin Random House, Tundra Books

Summary from Goodreads: Hedgehog is hogging the hedge and won't let the other animals live there. In this humorous political allegory, he learns that it's not a winning strategy.

Winter is coming, and the animals need homes. The worms move in with the ground hogs. The possums share a burrow with the foxes. The birds and the squirrels stay in the oak tree together. The hedgehog lives in the hedge . . . all by himself. When other animals come looking for a place to stay, he's NOT interested: it's HIS hedge and everyone else can STAY OUT. He gets busy making signs, putting locks on his door and even building a fence. All he cares about is keeping the other animals out... but he's making a huge mistake. 

Will the other animals find a home in time? Will Hedgehog learn his lesson? Is this a terrific story? Read on to find out.

Review: I always review books like this with my four year old. This way I get the most genuine reaction possible. 

The story kept my son involved through the whole thing. That's hard for a four year old to do. He loved the pictures and laughed when I kept saying Ding Dong! My son enjoyed it, but I didn't get that "Let read it again," reaction.

From a mom point of view. I thought the art was pretty good, there was a lot going on in the pictures and sometimes I thought it made it a little overwhelming for the little guy. I know it did for me. The story was pretty fun. That darn Hedge Hog! 

We enjoyed this book and its definitely a story that you should read to your little ones.  

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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