3 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow #2

I know I've been talking a lot about Instagram this week, but it really is one of the best platforms for authors and book bloggers out there right now.

I've compiled three accounts that I've really enjoyed this week. Check them out and give them a follow.

1. @chroniclesofabookworm - This cool chick has some really nice holiday photos on her feed right now. I'm really drawn to her style and books that she posts about. Check her out.

2. @sunlitlibrary - I love this account. Its so clean and bright. This Instagramer knows how to use her natural light. I would love to see some behind the scenes with her staging. Do you here that @Sunlitlibrary, I want behind the scenes.

3. @ouija.doodle.reads - Who doesn't love dogs. This account has a lot of them and a lot of followers. I love the brightness of the photos and how the dog loves to be in them. Hello Puppie. I can't get my dog to sit long enough to take a picture, let alone leave my books alone.

Now you have three accounts to follow. Three awesome accounts. Let me know what accounts you love in the comments below, so I can go check them out.

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