Peace isn't what they seek | To Guard Against the Dark by Julie E. Czerneda

Title: To Guard Against the Dark 
By: Julie E. Czerneda
Genre: Sci-Fi
Pages: 443
Release Date: October 10th, 2017
Publisher: DAW

Summary from Goodreads: The final book in the hard science fiction Reunification trilogy, the thrilling conclusion to the award-winning Clan Chronicles

Jason Morgan is a troubling mystery to friends and enemies alike: once a starship captain and trader, then Joined to the most powerful member of the Clan, Sira di Sarc, following her and her kind out of known space.

Only to return, alone and silent. 

But he's returned to a Trade Pact under seige and desperate. The Assemblers continue to be a threat. Other species have sensed opportunity and threaten what stability remains, including those who dwell in the M'hir. What Morgan knows could save them all, or doom them. 

For not all of the Clan followed Sira. And peace isn't what they seek.

Review: A roller-coaster of emotion and action. I can't believe this is the end of this epic sci-fi saga. I really wished I liked the story more. I felt really bogged down with the story. It was a little slow for me, but overall, a great read. I'm not really a big sci-fi fan, but I picked this one up because it sounded interesting. I'm glad I read it. 

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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