I'm Addicted... | Confessions

I know it's heard to believe, but I do have an addiction. Yes, it's true. I'm addicted to Snapple Peach! 

I drink it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I drink it at work and when I'm writing. Its a great snack drink. A great TV watching drink. Really, its an all around drink.

The taste is smooth and enjoyable. It has that little bit of caffeine that I crave, but without all the sugar of a soda. It has tea aspects in it, but it doesn't taste like a tea, which I like. How can you not like Peach Snapple? 

The only down side that I can see with this product is that the bottle doesn't fit into any cup holders. I would be totally up to having a taller plastic bottle that would fit into my cup holders so I can take a drink in my car while I'm driving. 

You might want to know that I'm drinking a Snapple right now, that is why I have written this post. I will now take my tasty beverage and cuddle up with a good book. 

What are you addicted to? Do you have a favorite reading drink? Leave me you addictions below in the comments. 

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