Avocado, Pepper and Cornish Hens | #WeeklyMenu Week #223

As I was working on scheduling my posts for this week, I realized that I didn't finish my menu and post it. It's a little late, but here it is. We've been trying to go a little less carby (if that's even a word) lately because all the holidays are coming up and there is no stopping the food that will be around us. I figure, make steps to eat well now, and if we fall off the rocker once or twice, then so be it. Not that we eat terribly anyway. My husband isn't a big pasta fan, and I'm not much for the veggies. I try to keep it a nice balance, with pasta maybe once a week on a night that my husband won't be home until late, and veggies with every meal so my husband won't complain. 

My writing has come along nicely this week. I have a clear path to the end of my book. It's just a matter of getting there now. Once that is done, its on to revisions, but I'm not ready to think that far ahead. Focus on the first draft. Focus! This is going to be so awesome.

I hope you enjoy this weeks menu...





- Ravioli 



Tuna Sandwiches

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