#WeeklyMenu Week 207

Another hot week and the next couple of days are just as bad. My husband and I decided to clear a section of our back yard to make room for a tent. Lots of brush and a few tree stumps. The work wasn't hard, but apparently, the sun was beating down harder than I thought. Got me a sun burn, and a bad head ache. Spent the second half of the day in bed feeling like poo. At least the work got done, no thanks to me. My husband ended up burning out the stumps. In a day or two, we can move the tent there.

Seeker has finally been released. Wahoo! Still in the top 100 new paranormal releases on Amazon today. Number 40. That's awesome. This is all thanks to my readers and the wonderful support you have given me. Make sure you stop by and enter the Seeker release day giveaway, for a chance to win a hard copy of Hunter, e-copy of Seeker and some swag.

This weeks menu is going to be simple because I am tired, and when I put this thing together when I'm tired, I get lazy. Enjoy and leave me a comment on your favorite recipe.

- Italian Pasta Salad






Tuna Sandwiches

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