#BookReview | No Room for Baby! by Emile Jadoul

Title: No Room for Baby!
By: Emile Jadoul
Genre: Picture Book
Pages: 28
Release Date: October 3rd, 2017
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Audience: Children

Summary from Goodreads: Leon is worried. There's a new baby penguin in his home. And though Marcel is sleeping in his crib now, he can't stay there forever. But where can they put him? Mama's arms are way too big to cuddle a tiny baby penguin. It's definitely too scary high up on Daddy's shoulders for him. And as anyone can see, when Daddy is on one side and Mama on the other, with Leon in the middle, there's no room for anyone else. ?We can't put a baby penguin anywhere ...? Leon says. Is there a place that's just right for a little brother penguin to go?

In this endearing and cozy picture book, author and illustrator Émile Jadoul poignantly captures the worries and evolving feelings that arise when a new baby enters the family of a young child. The sweet story is told with sensitivity and gentle humor from the child's perspective, allowing young readers' understanding to grow along with Leon's, as he eventually figures out where and how a new sibling will fit into his family. The uncomplicated artwork is charming and expressive and a perfect complement to the limited text, conveying simply and realistically the emotions of the story. This book would make a wonderful starting point for a conversation about becoming a new big brother or sister, a common experience for preschoolers and kindergartners. A cozy read-aloud, it also lends itself to exploring growing up or family life, or a character education lesson on adaptability.

Review: To tell you the truth, I found this book a little lack luster. My three year old didn't have his usual enthusiasm when listening to this story that he usually has. I have to say though, the concept was great for small kids becoming an older sibling. The art was interesting and cute, but I wish the writing was a little more interesting.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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