#Review - Maresi by Maria Turtschaninoff

Title: Maresi
By: Maria Turtschaninoff
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: January 3rd, 2017
Publisher: Amulet Books

Summary from Goodreads:
Only women and girls are allowed in the Red Abbey, a haven from abuse and oppression. Maresi, a thirteen-year-old novice there, arrived in the hunger winter and now lives a happy life in the Abbey, protected by the Mother and reveling in the vast library in the House of Knowledge, her favorite place. Into this idyllic existence comes Jai, a girl with a dark past. She has escaped her home after witnessing the killing of her beloved sister. Soon the dangers of the outside world follow Jai into the sacred space of the Abbey, and Maresi can no longer hide in books and words but must become one who acts. 

Review: It has been a long time since I've been really excited to read a book. Most the time I pick them up and push myself to get through them, but that wasn't the case with Maresi. I felt a real connection with the characters and the world building was incredible. This has to be one of my favorite reads this year and I was glad that I picked it up. I would recommend this read to anyone who likes powerful fantasy stories about women who overcome overwhelming odds to save the ones they love. 

Five stars for Maresi

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